The Lockformer Plasma Cutting Table

The Lockformer Plasma Cutting Table uses state-of-the-art technology to precisely use computer generated patterns to cut sheet metals. Any number of patterns can be input and the computer will arrange the pieces to make the maximum use of a sheet of metal. This results in less waste and a tremendous increase in speed and accuracy in layout and cutting. Of course the end result is lower cost to the customer and higher quality - better fitting ducts.

Besides giving us the ability to create and store special patterns that may need to be recreated after a project is complete, the computer system for the Lockformer Plasma Cutting Table has a large library of standard duct fittings for immediate loading. There are two printers that assist the technician in the process. One prints out layout drawings to show how the pieces are arranged on each sheet of metal. This printer also prints out many reports. The second printer is used to print labels for each piece of metal cut. These labels identify fittings and assembly references for each piece. This is valuable with large projects that may be assembled at the job site.