Total Facility Tune-ups

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Because the building is part of the air conditioning system

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Questions for Facility owners

  1. What percentage of utility cost is for heating and cooling?
  2. What are heating and cooling equipment repair costs per year?
  3. How much is budgeted and spent for preventative maintenance per year?
  4. Has a thermal comfort survey been conducted for facility occupants?
Topic Summary Potential Effects
Fan Controls 90% of commercial buildings studied had intermittent fan operation. A second on-site survey indicated up to 50% of buildings had intermittent fan operation. Effective ventilation rates reduced to about 5 cfm/person
  • 66% reduced fresh air
  • Improper building pressurization
  • Risk of indoor air quality degradation
  • Risk of facility degradation
Economizers Short term monitoring of 250 units with economizers found only 16% of economizers functioning properly
  • 5-50% plus efficiency loss (depends on geographical area and weather trends)
System Sizing Short term monitoring of 250 units found oversizing evident; over 60% of the units had at least 3 on/off cycles per hour under peak load conditions
  • 10% plus higher rate of reliability issues
  • Risk of indoor air quality degradation
Air distribution systems
  • 50% of facilities studied had duct systems outside the conditioned envelop.
  • In another study 42% of facilities tested used building cavities as air distribution systems; many were outside the building thermal or air infiltration barrier
  • 20% plus higher rate of facility degradation due to mold and mildew
  • 15-20% energy savings could be realized from air duct sealing
Unit air flow
  • Measurements of air flow show rates generally below manufacturer's recommendations.
  • Other monitoring concluded installed fan energy exceeded standardized assumptions
10% efficiency loss
Refrigerant charge
  • Refrigerant charge test studies show 60% of units improperly charged.
  • Similar data was gathered in another study with nearly identical results.
10-20% efficiency loss

Energy Recover Wheels- An informal review of surveys conducted by Premium on facilities using energy recovery components is running at 25% failure which results in increased risk of excess humidity levels since the fresh air is not properly dehumidified and cooled before entering evaporator. Estimated 20-35% efficiency loss.

THE ABOVE CONDITIONS MAY CONTINUE INDEFINITELY UNTIL (a) the facility indoor air quality or the building itself has degraded to a noticeable degree (b) enough of the air conditioning equipment mal-functions to the point of failing to provide an acceptable comfort level to occupants